Episode #10-We are all sheeple

Scott and Randy discuss a wide range of topics in this episode including the recent presidential elections, schools and prisons and current legislation.  It’s an interesting discussion on the state of the union that you won’t want to miss.  We’d love to hear your thoughts too so comment freely.



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Episode #9 – Society in a tailspin?

In this episode, Scott and Randy discuss some ongoing law enforcement issues including an arrest of a mother in Texas and the increasing surveillance society that we live in.  Some key elements in what makes a successful investigator are also … [Continue reading]

Episode #8 – Miami Police

In this episode, Scott and Randy discuss the City of Miami police response to a recent protest and whether or not police officers overstep their authority.  They also discuss the issue of the knockoff industry and what the legal issues are … [Continue reading]

Episode #7 – GPS and Facebook in the news

We finally got back into the studio to record and wow do we have some interesting topics.  GPS tracking is hot right now with a supreme court ruling and we thought it was interesting enough to talk about.  Randy gives some valuable client information … [Continue reading]

Episode #6 – Falsehoods, fists and feet

We moved the studio and the audio got a little tweaked.  We know it's not right and we're working on it. In this episode, we talked about how cases can change midstream and how clients are always honest in their original intentions.  Always … [Continue reading]

Episode 5

Episode 5 is CaseFiles Live 5th show. This week Scott & Randy talk about video taping public officials (cops mostly) and the new rulings handed down by the appellate courts. They also talk about certain information that may be kept from a client … [Continue reading]

Episode 4

Episode 4 is CaseFiles Live 4th podcast show. This week Scott & Randy talk about ethics for P.I.’s & police seizure of evidence specifically your cell phone in traffic stops. There might even be a Congressman Weiner joke. [approx. … [Continue reading]

Episode 3

Episode 3 is CaseFiles Live third podcast show. This week Scott & Randy talk about red light camera’s, their evidence and how it can effect investigators job performance. [approx. 42m] Sponsors are Dhali Web Design, The Curbside Investigator … [Continue reading]

Episode 2

Episode 2 is CaseFiles Live second podcast show. You will meet Randy and Scott again and listen to their own version of education and humor. This time they talk about everything from the Tucson shooting to Mothers against drunk driving and … [Continue reading]

Episode 1

Episode 1 is USAPI’s first introduction podcast show. You will meet Randy Torgerson and Scott Stys and listen to our education and humor for the first time. [approx. 45m] … [Continue reading]